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Why Are Practices Switching To Patient Rainmaker?

If you’re tired of wasting money on marketing, try a Patient Rainmaker ad campaign today. Our powerful system of targeting people who are in need of treatment then taking them through a conversion funnel has proven to generate leads, solidify practice loyalty and increase revenue.

Done-For-You Marketing Campaigns

Forget about wondering what marketing you should be doing; who to advertise to; and how you should do it… We’ve got you covered with campaigns that we know already work.

Get Results
That Actually Matter

“Clicks”, “Views”, “Impressions”, "Rank" [Blah blah blah... right?]…  Instead of spending money on results that DON'T matter. We cut out the 'fluff' by sending you the results that ONLY matter (ahem...new patients)

No More Advertising Dollars Wasted

You spent a ton of money on a beautiful website and ads in the mail that aren’t delivering new patients. But it doesn’t have to be that way... Great Practices deserve effective marketing


Take Marketing Off Your To-Do List.

What would it look like for your practice to never have to deal with the frustration & fear of wasting money on advertising that didn't guarantee results?

What would your day look like if all you had to do was treat patients who want, need, & can afford your treatment?

How Does It Work?

Step #1

Select Treatment Campaign

Choose from our list of proven campaigns, & let us know what type of patients you’d like to have come in for treatment.

Step #2

Schedule a Strategy Session

After applying, we’ll hop a 30 minute call to discuss how the campaign works and what to expect, and how to get the most from your ad spend.

Step #3

Grow Your Practice

Fill your calendar with new prospective patients, provide your expertise and enjoy the new opportunity of being the “Go-to” Dental Practice in your area.

What to Expect When You Choose Patient Rainmaker


No B.S Metrics & Stats

Don’t be fooled by metrics that don’t matter (i.e SEO).


Stress-free Growth

Focus on what you do best, treating patients, while we handle the new patient acquisition part.


Straightforward Pricing

Unlike the other guys, we don’t change our prices depending on the day.


More Loyal Patients

What if you had the Starbucks method for getting your patients to come back and become your best referral source.


Stand-out from the Competition

With a Dentist on every corner, people are looking for “the one”...are you it?


Become an Industry Leader

~200k Dentists in the US, the ones that figure out how to get new patients are at the top; let’s get you there.

What Makes Patient Rainmaker So Different?

When it comes to the Dental Industry, there is no shortage of providers, making it near impossible to stand out from the hundreds of other Dentists around you. Patient Rainmaker helps Practices skip over the headache of figuring out what advertising works and what doesn’t with our proven ‘Done-For-You’ marketing campaigns.

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Take Marketing Off Your To-Do List. There are many things you have to worry about in your practice such ensuring that your staff knows what they are doing, handling issues with billing & collections, and also being able provide quality treatment on patients who have various problems. Running a Dental Practice is no easy feat, which is why you simply don’t have the time to deal with the ever changing world of marketing.

Wouldn’t it be nice put a stop to worrying about how many visitors came to your website, what kinds of advertisements you should spend money on, and figure out why people are driving past your practice to go to your competitor down the street?

We understand how stressful it is running a business with many moving parts. We also understand what it’s like to be the “new kid on the block” and try to compete against the big guys who’ve been in the business for decades. It can be devastating when you’re hoping for someone to finally give you a chance to show them how your treatment completely outranks that of the Competition.

The big change happened for our business when we honed in on what advertising strategies worked and what didn’t. We tested for months and years and finally ended up with our 4-step conversion plan that ensures every campaign is going to be profitable from day one.

Our experience shows we know what strategies, tactics, & systems work for small businesses; We give you the marketing support you need to grow your Practice.

Grant Tanner

Grant Tanner


"Facebook & Instagram Advertising is the future of patient acquisition within the dental industry.  You could have a dental assistant or office manager trying to figure it all out by piecing together blog articles, YouTube videos, and that course you purchased.  But time is money.  And your employees already have 1,000 other things on their plates.  Hiring a professional is a no-brainer.  Simply tell Patient Rainmaker what type of patients you want more of, and they do the rest."


Phillissia Fields

Treatment Coordinator at Cary Prosthodontics

"Working with Patient Rainmaker has been an absolute delight!  My doctor wanted to get his technique of fabricating dentures known in our area and Patient Rainmaker put everything together to run a Facebook campaign.  So far, we've received over 260 leads!  Early on, the campaign had a few issues; however, Patient Rainmaker brainstormed with us and were open and happy to get our feedback so they could assist us with our issues.  I really appreciated that our concern was their concern.  I especially appreciated their immediate assistance and resolution.  I would recommend using Patient Rainmaker to any practice because of their dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm to see you succeed and reach your goal."

What's My Investment?

“Nothing happens until someone sells something” 
—Peter Drucker

There are many services and tasks that you can spend time and money on, but the none of it matters unless you’ve got new patients coming in...

How much is poor marketing costing you? How many potential patients can’t hear your offer in the sea of noise? How often is your are waiting room half empty because people don’t know why they should come to you? How many people are passing up your treatment solutions? Can potential patients understand why they need treatment, especially from you? A lack of clear direct-response marketing may already be costing you a great deal.


What's Included?

25 New-Patient Leads Per Month [$2,497 Value]

Facebook Ad Campaign Management...[$1,997 Value]

Ad Spend Included In Monthly Retainer...[$997 Value]

Custom Ad Creatives (branded images+videos)...[$1,497 Value]

Custom Landing Pages W/ Your Branding & Contact Information [$4,997 Value]

Front Office Appointment Setting Training...[$1,497 Value]

[$13,482/Mo. Total Value]

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